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Chad Barnes, professional basketball player, Czech Republic (Former University of New Orleans Athlete)

“I always tell my other teammates that my college red shirt year was when I was at my strongest and most explosive in my basketball career. Coach Calvin always pushed me to get better everyday, and he kept my workouts challenging and unique so I never got bored with strength training. Also, it was good that he knew physical therapy with his athletic training experience so that helped me to strengthen injuries and other muscles that were weaker. I would recommend Coach Calvin Richard to anyone wanting to better their physical and spiritual condition. And I’ll probably be looking for him this summer to get my “red shirt” athleticism/body back!”

Arin Satterthwaite, Verus True Warrior

“After sticking with the program for a year and a half and listening to Coach Calvin and all his knowledge, I am AMAZED at my STRENGTH, SPEED and JUMPING, i am lifting weights very few people can lift, and i am able to transfer than on to the basketball court as well. i weighed 162 lbs when i started, i now weigh 194 lbs with 7.4% body fat. Not everyone has the will power to stay with this program, but if you can push yourself through and get the work done and GO HARD, with the absolute best strength coach there is out there “Coach Calvin”, you will be able do things never thought possible!”

Gerry Kirby, Verus Boot Camper and Personal Training Client

“Coach Calvin has given me the opportunity for better health and happiness. Bootcamp is challenging and fun.  I have made friends and I love the camaraderie.  It’s like playing a group sport, being on a team. This Christian based fitness program is “a good stop” for everyone, young or ‘mature’.”

Debby Dyer, Verus Boot Camper

“After ignoring regular exercise for most of my life, I made the right decision 2-1/2 years ago to start Coach Calvin’s new boot camp program. Yes it was tough, but it’s a decision I’ve never regretted. I’ve lost weight, gained muscle and strength, and equally as important, I look and feel younger than my age! Anyone willing to put in the time and energy can change their body like I did.”

Carol Stiles, Verus Boot Camper

“I have been training with Verus Strength & Fitness for over two years.  Morning workouts with Coach Calvin have become such a part of my daily life both physically as well as emotionally (endurance and commitment).  The friends and fellowship are great also.  I would encourage anyone, of any age, to give it a try.   There’s nothing better than starting your day at Verus.”

Corey Driggars, Boot Camper

“I was 28 years old and was just being lazy. I met Calvin when I was working at this mutual place. He told me about his program and I hesitated at first. I was nervous because I thought I would look dumb going to something like that. I had not worked out for a few years especially something at that level. As the months went by I got bigger and before I knew it the scale said 300 lbs! That was it! I knew what I had to do and I joined Versus Strength & Fitness! On the first day of boot camp, I was like, I had nothing to worry about. He put me on the right amount of weights so that I could get back in shape at the right pace. I was going four times a week and was starting to see results. I saw the most in my strength levels. However I was not seeing much of weight a loss. I was talking to Coach a lot and finally everything he was telling me started to click, and I started to apply the nutrition side of Verus to my life. WOAH the results went off the chart! Here is breakdown, I went from running a mile in 15 minutes to 8 minutes. I lost over 80 lbs! My strength level is off the chart. We recently competed in an event called Tough Mudder. This was a test of everything he trains us to be. It was 12 miles and had 22 obstacles. The team finished it and at the finish line I said to him “Your Training”, “Thank You”!

Breigh Gray, True Warrior Athlete

“My sister and I started coming to Verus Strength & Fitness in October of 2010. I recently quit playing high school sports so I could focus more on my equestrian show jumping. My goal was to get into shape and maybe lose some weight. The results of working out at Verus were just that and so much more. As the months went by, I started getting stronger. Faster. Tougher. Every day I trained at Verus, Coach Calvin was always pushing me to do more than I thought I could do. He saw the potential in me before I even recognized any was there. He also pushed me to be a better Christian and a better person, influencing people by following through my actions. Leading by example and not just sitting on the sidelines. I realized that I was so much stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually than I ever thought possible. I became so much more confident in myself, finally apprehending what I’m really capable of. And Coach Calvin taught me that I’m capable of anything if I put in the hard work and dedication. He also helped me change my eating habits and recommended ProGrade Metabolism pills to help me lose weight. I lost 20 pounds, went down 3 jean sizes, and converted approximately 35 pounds of fat into muscle. Coach Calvin is perfectly capable of helping you achieve your goals, whether you just want to get fit or if you’re a serious athlete who wants to kick butt and take names. I can honestly say that Coach Calvin and Verus Strength & Fitness has changed my life. And it can easily change yours, too.”

Jordan Gray, Verus True Warrior Collegiate Hurdler and Heptathlete

“Verus has been the cornerstone of my athletic career. Two years ago, starting my senior year of high school, my sister and I started at Verus Strength & Fitness. She and I will never forget that first day. In the first exercise, we doubted if we could lift a dumbbell; much less lift a heavy one for multiple sets. Coach Calvin didn’t give up on two out of shape girls, but kept pushing us every day. For me, it was make it or break it time. I had torn my right ACL my sophomore year in basketball, had surgery, did rehab, and returned my junior year only to tear my left one in the very first game of the season.

Because of these injuries, I was not able to run hurdles in track my sophomore and junior year, my true passion. My senior year, I wanted it to be different. I came to Verus after my surgery as a weak, timid, and fearful athlete who wanted more than anything just to get strong enough to stay healthy for track. Coach Calvin pushed me to challenge myself, to go past that pain threshold and see what was on the other side: victory. He taught me to trust my knees as my legs grew stronger, as I began to jump higher and run faster than I ever had.

One semester at Verus transformed me into a strong, confident, and brave warrior ready to face hurdles for the first time since my two surgeries. The result? I ended my track career at Faith Academy with three gold medals in the 100 hurdles, 300 hurdles, and shot put at State, with a state record in the 100 hurdles. With God’s perfect guidance, Angelo State University became interested in me, and I received a scholarship to be a part of their track program.

As a freshman in a new, overwhelming arena, I leaned on the perseverance and work ethic Coach Calvin taught me at Verus. My freshman year as a track athlete had its ups and downs, with a provisional mark for indoor nationals in the pentathlon and a fourth place finish in the heptathlon at the Lone Star Conference, with a provisional mark in that as well.  I also earned a place on the list of Top 10 Heptatheletes  in the nation for Division II universities and as the only freshman on the list.

During the summer of 2012, I joined Verus once again to train and get stronger, because I wanted to come back better than I had as a freshman. Verus helped me do that. I have recently competed in the Fall “Power Decathlon” of our program, which are ten events the coaches use to evaluate our progress from last year to now. I beat my score of last year by over a thousand points, throwing significantly farther and increasing my sprint speed. Through Verus, I was able to score the third best Power Decat score in the history of their program.

I cannot thank Coach Calvin and Verus enough, and the Godly teaching and encouragement he gives to challenge not only his athletes physically, but spiritually. Much love and thanks!”

Ken Hardin, 70+ Year-Old Boot Camper

“Calling All You Older Folks Out There!  As you know, Fitness and Exercise only become more important as we age.  At 69, I had the opportunity to begin working with Cal.  I will soon be 72 and have benefited greatly – physically, mentally and spiritually from the Verus Program and from Coach Cal’s personal approach.  So, to you older folks, come work with me and you will be surprised and proud of what you can accomplish and the results you will achieve.”[/blockquote]

Cyril Lemon, True Warrior Division I & NFL Offensive Lineman

“Coach Calvin has been such an inspiration to me. Training at Verus has helped me physically, mentally and also spiritually. Coach Calvin has taught me so much, on eating, sports training, sleeping habits, and hydration, to name a few.  The different techniques we use at Verus are second to none. Iam a coligiate athlete and some of the techniques we use at Verus, I don’t even use in college. Because of my training at Verus, I am a better athlete, and I know what it means to really “GO HARD” and give it your all. Coach Calvin has shown me that no matter what obstacles you face on the field, court, track, or pool, they can be overcome and concurred. Because of Verus I now know what my weaknesses are and I know how to eliminate them. I have become the master of my craft and the master of my domain. Thank you Coach Calvin, without Verus I don’t know where I would be today.”

Curnara Green, Boot Camper Who lost 70+ pounds

“Verus has been one of the stepping stones of a new me.  It has to taught my discipline and perseverance.  The program has giving me confidence and a new outlook not only on my image, but my overall health as well.  Not to mention the terrific coach who has never given up on me.  He love for fitness and people makes all the world of a difference.  I truly thank God for introducing me to Verus Strength and Fitness.  Without the help of God, my coach, my team, and my decision to try something new, I still would have been a fluffy couch potato that lacked self-worth.  Once again, thank you.”