What do we do?

Verus Strength & Fitness Boot Camp is an intense military-style group training program that is results driven, challenging, motivating, and FUN.

True Warrior Elite Sports Performance Training is INTENSE, cutting edge athletic training for serious athletes who want to dominate their opponents with unyielding physical and mental toughness and raw athleticism.

 At we Verus Strength & Fitness, we use no machines, you are the machine.  We use a broad variety of dumbbells, kettlebells, Sandbells, ropes, bands and more to challenges core stabilization, balance and total body training and conditioning to develop “real life” strength.

Along with your intense and effective training program, we understand the importance of proper diet and nutrition.  Each trainee will receive a full easy-to-follow Nutrition Packet that gives you a Healthy Eating Plan, food log, Glycemic Index Food chart, winning tips to get started and access to some of the best supplements on the planet from our partners at Prograde Nutrition.

Are you looking to compete in a Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash or similar style of competition?  Well, we will train you to crush any of them.  Whether you are in a Boot Camp class or True Warrior, you will get the meet of what you need.  As you get closer to the date of your competition, we will hold specialized classes to simulate the obstacles that you will encounter on any of these challenges.

What sets Verus apart from the rest?

FAITH: Verus Strength & Fitness is a faith-based training center where we put God first in everything.  We believe that it takes physical, mental and spiritual training to form the “complete” person and that “we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us.” ~Philippians 4:13.

VARIETY:  Our training is designed for you to be successful right away, and then crank up the intensity as you get in better and better shape. Your body is too smart to do the same exercise routine over and over as you will hit a plateau in your progress.  We want to give you the results you desire so we constantly throw different workouts at you.  This keeps it fun and challenging with an intentional purpose to keep your central nervous, cardiovascular, and muscular systems in a state of flux that they may work hard to manage the diversity of the training workload.

EXPERIENCE:  The owner and creator of Verus Strength & Fitness, Coach Calvin Richard,  has over 15 years of extensive studies in the areas of sports medicine, athletic training, sports rehabilitation, personal training, and strength & conditioning.  He used each of these areas to develop training programs that are safe, challenging, and effective by combining modern science and old-school hard-nosed training methodology. He has worked with thousands of clients from professional athletes, Division IA athletes, junior high and high school athletes, recreational athletes, general fitness, to the 84 year old great grandmother.  These training programs are designed for people of any strength & fitness level as long as you are willing to work hard and push right where you are.

INJURY PREVENTION/EXERCISE MODIFICATION: All boot campers and athletes aren’t created equal.   Some of us have injuries or special situations that prevent us from participating in most typical exercise programs.  At Verus, no man or woman is left behind! Our coaches know how to train each client no matter whether they are top shape, rehabbing an injury, or just getting back to taking care of themselves. We can modify any exercise to fit the needs or limitation due to you injury or specific situation.  Please let us know how we can cater to your specific needs, while still giving you a butt-kicking workout. We offer a 1 Free Week Test drive to prove it.

CAMARADERIE:  “The family the trains together remains together!” We are all like family at Verus and your brothers and sisters in the class are looking for you to be a part of the team.  When you feel like sleeping in or skipping a training session, you know that there is a coach and classmates that will hold you accountable.  We all want to see each other succeed and reach our individual goals together as a team.  Everyone is positive, motivating, and encouraging to help you feel like part of the team no matter your level of fitness. T.E.A.M. = Together Everybody Achieves More